Things I love: riding at night

Earlier this week I’ve found myself riding as night falls, heading home but enjoying myself so much I’ve taken detours to ride just a little while longer. it has reminded me how much I love riding after dark.

There aren’t many things I love more than riding fast with earphones in but at night it can be even better. Feels like anything can happen, I guess, there’s an element of perceived freedom and imagination.And of actual freedom since there’s less people, less cars, practically no lorries or buses in the way which means it’s a lot easier.

There’s a lot less navigating obstacle courses,especially the human kind. You can ride in the cement or the street, you can jump and play around even. streets usually avoided for being packed with cars are now open.

You can even get into places where you’re not supposed to be, or ride through streets you shouldn’t, or usually can’t.

It’s important to be careful, have lights, and always check around corners if someone’s coming, but it’s not that more dangerous than during the day with some precautions.

And it is definitely worth it cause it feels different at night. cities feel different at night.


One Reply to “Things I love: riding at night”

  1. I love zooming around the country lanes on a full moon night, it’s got that eerie not quite light but enough to see feel and you can take all sorts of lines into corners because the headlights on the hedgerows give away if a car is coming.


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