you’re made up of everyone you’ve ever met who’s changed the way you think


This is one of my favourite quotes, it’s from discworld, from “a hat full of sky”

I’m a big fan of PTerry, his writing and little nuggets of wisdow.

and this one is pretty special. the full quote goes “You’re made up of the memories of your parents and your grandparents, all your ancestors. They’re in the way you look, in the colour of your hair. And you’re made up of everyone you’ve ever met who’s changed the way you think.”

And I take it to mean not just flesh-and-blood people we interact with, but also friends we make online, creators we like and specially  fictional characters cause I think the ones we admire are pretty important in shaping our personality.

So I thought I’d share some of my favourites. not everyone,I think that’s impossible, but the ones closest to my heart.

The ones not only I like but the ones I saw myself in.  I’m pretty weird so it’s not easy to find characters like me.

Characters I want to be like,sure, who already are like me is a lot harder. female character sometimes feels impossible.

I’m socially awkward , female,neurodiverse,a fangirl, a geek, latina, queer, some of these characteristics feel major such as being a geek or being awkward or being neurodiverse and others seem less important such as being latin and catholic. but they’re all part of me.

Representation for me is a big deal cause it’s rare but for that same reason it is not something I expect. mainstream media isn’t exactly filled with female queer neurodiverse geeks.
good female queer characters are hard.  female geeks are too.
good female queer geeks are impossible.

Parker (Leverage) is  important to me cause she’s a girl and she’s different, and she’s awesome, and girls are rarely if ever allowed to be different. there’s some acceptable neurodiverse representation like reid from criminal minds, and gary from alphas, who are male because boys are allowed to be different, there’s plenty of underdog stories of people who were weird and didn’t fit and became succesful anyway and nearly all of them are about men.

But women aren’t allowed that. I love pride and prejudice, and I’m a lot more Darcy than Elizabeth but girsl are not supposed to, are not allowed to behave that way. I know I’ve gotten plenty of grief for it.

So it  was amazing for me to see Parker who’s been an outcast all her life for being different to find people who accept her for she is and help her.

And it was amazing to see her grow and develop and become even more awesome and it was done in a way that felt true to the character.

Unlike in say, Bones where we start with a socially awkward genius, surround her with people and slowly defrost her and subtly keep changing her appearance and opinions to the point where she is unrecognisable for her s1 self.

Or like franky from skins gen 3 where we started with a genderqueer,insecure,abused individual and between series show her change into a entirely different character to the point they might as well have changed the name and the actress as it was the only thing they hand in common.

The only other good example that comes to mind is Gail Peck from Rookie Blue who’s a fairly new character to me at least. I heard of the show when it first started but to be honest it did not sound particularly interesting. then last year gail kissed a girl and that made by dash and I downloaded s4 to watch and enjoyed it so much I watched all other 3 seasons. it was great to see gail grow, from being rather prickly and insecure into someone more confident and capable and who learns to confide in people and makes friend and her life is better for it.

Before either of them there was Luna Lovegood who is to this day, my favourite character in the Harry Potter universe. I read on tumblr one day “Luna Lovegood taught me it is okay to be different” she was an outcast and she was very weird and people treated her poorly for it, or simply ignored, she ended up being tortured in malfoy manor, used as a bargaining tool and yet she was always nice,kind and helpful. she never wished anyone ill and I really look up to that. I try to think “What would Luna do?” cause my natural instincts tend to go more the Veronica Mars route “Get Tough.Get Even” her cold blood and easy wit are one of the many reasons that attracted me to watch Veronica Mars.  that and being a Buffy fan already.

personality-wise, I feel like more of a sidekick, Willow and Mac and Luna. I love Carol Danvers but I am more Jessica Drew, willing to done what needs to be done but wanting to run and hide.

But I like reading Captain Marvel and other heroines cause they inspire me to fight and be better.

Sometimes you gotta step up, and you might do things differently but you have to be willing to do it.  Like Claudia Donovan.  I nearly forgot about her.

A lot of these characters’ stories is about them coming of age, about having potential and learning to explore it, about falling in with people and learning to love them.

Coming of age and found families (nakamas) are some of my favourite tropes,really. and these characters are dear to me because I can relate to them and they are in a setting I really appreciate.


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