Things I love: reading

I’ve always loved stories, and reading, even before I could do it myself I’d pester my parents to buy me new books and read to me.

I remember my mum trying to help my sister with some homework and I’d pick up the books, that had no pictures in them and I’d try to make sense of them. to understand the symbols I saw there.

a few months later, I learned to read and I never stopped. either reading or begging for new books.

I also read a lot of fanfic which at least is free.

I don’t know that many people who love to read. my class has a couple who do read but most people don’t.

it’s sad really. a while back ago there was a survey and it said less than 1% of people considered themselves readers.

most people stopped once they didn’t have required reading anymore.

me, mum had to turn the light off so I’d sleep. and then I’d just go under the covers with a torch, as you do.

There are many benefits to reading. my spelling is better, my syntax, my writing skills, my comprehension and most importantly, my imagination.

people who read have a far more active imagination than those who don’t, I’ve found.

reading is amazing, books are the definition of bigger in the inside and it really is a kind of dealbreaker.

I remember dean and jess with rory in gilmore girls. dean was nice and patient while rory spent hours in a bookshop,but he was bored. jess would loook for books and argue with her and they’re share and talk. that’s what I like.

I like people who talk back, not just listen patiently.

so when people say reading is boring I think they are the boring ones.

I like books and the culture surrounding them, I love fanfics and reimagining , blackout poetry,people who make art of them, and the ones who indulge in marginalia. some of my own books are now unreadable due to so many notes and post-its.

I also own a kindle and love it and I think the whole ebook vs physical book is dumb, i love both but when it comes to notes it easier on the physical version.

I wish you could literally write in them. maybe in the galaxy note you can, I don’t know.

but I do know my kindle lets me have thousands of books around without killing me or my eyes. for fic readers it is fantastic. and I can read the whole asoiaf series without having my arms fall of..

a bit late, but it was world book day, celebrating shakespeare’s birth/death and I wanted to write a few words. I even more my “books turn muggles into wizards” tee for the day.


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