Things I love: Fic rec!

I’ve been reading an amazing fic called “He says he is an experimental theologian”  that is an incredibly bizarre yet perfectly in sync HDM/WTNV crossover.

I read a lot of fanfiction (and I mean A LOT) and I particularly love Alternate Universes and Fusion fic mixing two universes is something that is pretty damn hard but so fucking awesome when done well. it’s rare to find it well written cause most writers don’t really think much about what they’re mixing and the effect it would have on both universe.

it’s more usual to find crack like “let’s put the teen wolf gang in hogwarts just because”  but this is the kind that defies sturgeon’s law. this is the kind of fic people search and replace and publish and it becomes a best seller. it is really really really good.

it’s not even just a Daemon AU, which have been growing in number if not in quality but it is something really special. and I feel like you don’t even need to know the source material to follow it.  at least not night vale.HDM is a lot more helpful but not 100%necessary although it is a book I absolutely rec as well, and this fic ever made me wanna re-read it.

The backstory is that Carlos grew up as a fan of Lyra,watching her stories in cartoon form and decided he wanted his career to follow in her footsteps and that is how he ends up in Night Vale, for research into Rusakov particles (Dust)

One of the things I likeis  that it takes place in a post-HDM world so we get a sense of how Lyra’s work changed the world, what her and Will’s legacy is like.

There’s prophecies,witches, and while a simipar amount of death and destruction as in WTNV canon,  but it hits harder cause minor characters are given depth and lives.

It’s incredibly well written and really thoughtful,philosophical much like the original HDM.


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