a book review and vaguely related ramblings


I just finished this book. I really liked it. it was very interesting, a bit heartbreaking and quite familiar.

It’s about a girl attending a conservative catholic school in Louisiana who has the unfortunate luck of falling for her best friend and worst of all, that friend turns out to be a girl.

what follows is a tragic portrait of what it means to be anything other than straight in a catholic setting and how awful the ignorance and hatred can make kids feel. I wanted to strangle several characters for their behaviour and hug the poor girl.

I always enjoy books with references to other books and even more when they are references to things I already love like Harry Potter and The perks of being a wallflower

Having grown up catholic, I certainly was able to relate a lot to their circumstances, and I even felt grateful I was never a true believer and so didn’t didn’t have to suffer through the self-hatred described in the book. I

But it did make me think, remember back to my high school days and catholic days and feel for the poor kids who have to endure this shit, who like me, have been raised since birth in this religion and have never questioned it.

Like I said, I was never a true believer and yet I did absorb a lot of tradition and culture from my catholic family. in the last few years, I’ve caught myself doing things and wondering why I bother considering the only answer is “because that’s the way it’s always been done” and those are truly dangerous world.

one of the reasons I kept clashing with nuns in my school was that I would ask questions. and I was not satisfied with answers like “it’s tradition” or “cause the bible says so” or whatever bullshit they were spewing. It all seemed dumb and pointless, to follow such stupid traditions and never ask why.

Which is why I loved my humanities classes. history,language,philosophy later on, we were actually encouraged to ask questions and wonder why. sometimes at least. it depended on the teacher really.

but, I ramble. going back to the book, I felt I could relate to a lot of the themes in the book even if I never did fall for my bff.

just by having a best friend I was insanely close to, with whom I had sleepovers often talked about everything and felt lonely when she wasn’t around, and how obvious it was if you were in a fight. it’s probably a teenage thing to be so damn close. when you grow up,even a little, you don’t find the need to be glued to one person all the time. freshmen in uni tend to move as a hive mind but by their second semester they start to break out, smaller groups,others look for independence.

and it made me think about faith. I have a problem with organised religion, with the idea of one prophet a long time writing a book and everything following it unquestionably. I find that kinda terrifying,really.

which is why I love fandom. because you get a community and a certain amount of worship and faith but the whole community is based around the fact that the thing is not the only thing. the writer isn’t god,or a prophet. other people have other interpretations,other ideas and they can continue the story or write a new one and it can be just as valid.

I love Harry Potter but I and many other don’t believe JK Rowling possesses the last word about the wizarding world.

there’s this whole movement on tumblr about not rewriting the books but reinterpreting them.

like wolfstar being a thing. harry potter being mixed race. the treatment of muggles. hermione being trans and/or a woman of colour. tonks being genderqueer. I have tons of headcanons.

And,I’m rambling again. that should probably be another post- reinterpreting harry and my millions of sometimes contradictory headcanons.  but isn’t it funny how religion and fandom can be so similar? (fandom has crazy,obsessive,violent canon-defending folks,too)

So, go check out this book. read more about it-> http://littleoases.tumblr.com/readhnits

it’s fun and thought-inspirings,featuring girls and friendship and cutesy moments. reminded me of karma and amy from faking it


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