Fight for the future.


Today is june 5th. 182 years was the june rebellion in which hundreds of students rose up to fight for a better world, and although they basically died and failed, they were not forgotten. victor hugo witnessed this and he immortalised them in his novel “les miserables” even if they are not the focal point of it.

Today is also the day of reset the net, our day to fight back against those who wish to end our way of life. it is celebrated the anniversary of Edward Snowden’s leak, a man who has become the iconic figure of what it means to be revolutionary in our time.

I’m a millenial, I’m a global citizen and I’m at home on the internet. so when it comes to causes and revolutions, this is the one for me.

Protecting the internet

the old world keeps trying to place its old rules on our world, trying to rule it. they geo-lock content, something I have never understood and now they’re trying to limit and worse,monitor our access.

I often  wonder about what I’d do in case of a revolution. would I go out and fight? stay behind as tech support? ignore it?

It depends on the cause,doesn’t it? I didn’t get involved in the student movement a while back cause I thought it was rather dumb. mostly an excuse to lose classes.  I’m all for better education but I also know education is something personal,that you have to work for, and 90% of the people involved were the ones who hardly did any work in class and then complained about the education quality.

I went to a few meetings and protests and had friends and it was such a mess I simply could not be involved.

but causes like reset the net and net neutrality, I do care. they are important and they are causes I am willing to fight for.

I do see people like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning as heroes. they saw wrong being done and could not stand it, they had to do something about it. I am sure they do not regret their actions.

I read about all this civil uprisings happening around the world and I think they’re terrible, the way goverments abuse their citizens, I feel awful for the people living through this, I wish I could help but all I can do is read about it. I feel guilty cause part of me thinks  it must be exciting to be a part of it.

Mainly cause I never have. protests and riots happen all the time here but since we don’t live in a police state, anyone can protest anything to the point people go just cause they’re bored and looking for a fight.

I know it’s a dumb idea to want to be part of a revolution. It’s  just cause I’m bored too. looking for a cause, looking for meaning. a thirst of adventure caused by my youth and too much reading.

Yesterday I was reading about Thailand,I read about their current circumstances,learned that the spanish word “junta” is  also used in english and that thai rebels are using the hunger games salute. and it somehow got to me. , I love how inspiring the book’s turned out to be. it is also kinda horrible, how close to Panem the real world gets sometimes.

In order to not feel guilty or bored. I do what I can to feel my life is not  a complete waste of time, I work with different organisations in order to make a difference, like the HPA,TECHO and AIESEC, I keep feeling like…it’s not enough.

I do often myself wondering what the hell am I doing, specially in school cause it all seems pointless. a lot of work for a piece of paper and a lot of money spent ; but what did you really learn?

when I worked with TECHO I never felt that.

I loved that, the feeling that you’re doing something important, something that really matters. fighting for a cause you truly believe in is wonderful. is part of what I love about Les Mis, I feel I understand Les Amis. I read “Little Brother” by cory doctorow and I felt a little of that too. Even Captain America got in on the topic.

This is our fight. I may not be able to go camp outside FCC offices  but I cand and want to do something.

and much like Mulder and Scully in their first movie, I want to fight for the future.





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