Thoughts on the cup

There’s been something in my mind lately
Some thoughts cooking while watching the world cup
I can’t say I’m a big fan but I do enjoy the atmosphere
It’s like the Olympics,, not everyone follows all these weird sports but it’s nice to see them
i dont follow football but i like this exhibition

I know some people get upset cause they feel its their thing and the rest of us are just jumping in the bandwagon
Which is mostly true, and I get it.
Is kinda like comic con and when non geeks try to cover it or comment and they don’t get it at all, but comic-con is also a lot about feeling envious of everyone there, cause you can’t really attend virtually while during the cup, during the Olympics, you can,they want people to tune in, to watch, and I think that’s good.

I have a lot of feelings about the world cup and usually I don’t even like football. I do love the sense of community, of looking at my twitter feed and everyone going crazy over the same thing

Even people who know nothing about football, for whom is not a part of their culture.

Cause I remember previous cup, on 2010 there were comments on my feed, mostly from other Chileans watching, on tumblr from 2 or 3 people who liked football.

But now?? This year it was huge. Truly a global event. People rooting for their nts, others simply enjoying the game, many more dumbfounded at what was happening, quite a few trying to ignore it.

But I know you can’t, i’ve tried, and it is a waste of time and energy. Trying to hide from football during the cup is like trying to hide from Google.

It’s better to just soak it in, accept it, enjoy it. It can even be fun.

But I did not expect it to be so crazy, social-media wise.

I mostly follow geeks, who care about SDCC and awards season, so there’s regularly not a lot of sports talk, unless something big is happening.

Americans go a bit nuts with their handegg, Canadians with hockey, Europeans and Latins with football.
But usually only for finales and the like. (Superbowl, Stanley cup, champions league, etc)
Except for the handful who actually follow a team

So watching a lot of people go crazy for a whole month was pretty new. Sitting down to watch a match with commentary by Twitter was incredibly entertaining. Watching the drama unfold when I wasn’t watching the match was even better, if confusing.

I was talking with my brother, who is a big football fan, and he loved it too, how big it got. Seeing all these people commenting and become interested.


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