Thinking outside of the box

My brain doesn’t even know what the box is.
Some say that makes me creative.
Teachers say it makes me impossible to understand.
And this means my actual content and knowledge doesn’t really matter cause I can’t put it in the format they want.

I havd bad handwriting. I can’t help it. They made me do calligraphy in school but it still sucks. My lack of fine motor skills makes it kinda impossible.

I’ve suggested solutions. Let me type it, I ask. I’ll bring in a typewrite and sit somewhere isolated.
No, just sit here and try, they say.

And then they get mad they have trouble understanding my handwriting when I fucking warned them.

I get barely-passing grades instead of good ones cause I don’t do what I was asked and when I explain I did what I understood, they say if that is so then how come everyone else did it right.

Why am I the only one causing trouble.
Why am I the only one who never understands.
Why am I so difficult.


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