being a geek girl is hard

Very sad and disappointed, and also quite rageful at the latest GOT news



and tired

really,really tired.

Kevin Feige’s comments yesterday (“we won’t be pressured into diversity”) GOT today,it’s like, for fuck’s sake, can we geek girls get a break?

I feel disappointed cause I have been a loyal fan since before the show started. a loyal and vocal fan. very vocal. like with Doctor Who, or the MCU, I’ve talked to everyone about it, convinced people to watch. sold it to how many people. it’s because of me, and people like me that the show is such a success.

so it feels,unfair,not cool,not right, to do things like this.

to complete erase a character a lot of us were really looking forward to. Arianne is powerful, she is in charge, she is the heiress, she has agency. she is amazing. so it’s no wonder D&D cut her. they wouldn’t have known what to do with her anyway. which is why I’m disappointed but not surprised.  We’d already heard about the casting and they weren’t casting her.

I’m also disappointed-yet-not-surprised that they whitewashed most of the characters.

Yes,Alexander Siddig is great and it’s awesome and rare that the popular and perfect fancast is actually chosen, but it the choice was him as doran or someone else as doran plus arianne, I would’ve still preferred to have arianne.

they say three is a pattern. Arianne, Lady Stoneheart, Jeyne westerling, every single Mormont. Catelyn Stark was totally ruined. Cersei was stripped off her agency.

again and again, D&D totally fuck up female characters.

and it makes me furious.  that they keep doing it. and that I’m not sure if I can actually stop watching this fucking show.

I want to, because they don’t deserve my support.

but with like Doctor Who, I’m not sure I can.

same with the MCU. I could not watch the movies a billion times. or buy them. but…. I know that I’ll still watch.

I tried quitting Doctor Who.  I did.

It did not last.I got too curious. I needed to know what was happening.

that was when I understood those angry classic whovians. who talk shit about the shit but keep watching.

but I don’t want that either.

I like being excited for things. not dreadful.

but those are the feelings that shows like doctor who and game of thrones are causing right now.

and ugh, I hate it, and  I don’t know what to do.

I need good news. something to look forward to.

and a new favourite show.


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