thanks to popculturecraziness the newsroom’s series I decided to watch it again.

and she haves her fair share of criticisms, but the one thing that often bothers me , and I’ve said so before, is its Americanism. I may have made that word up.

I suppose it is kinda dumb to expect any less, but it’s just so in your face all the damn time.

but specifically, it’s the question “What makes America the greatest country in the world?”

first, it bothers me cause America is a goddamn continent, not a country.

but ,that aside, I’m curious as to this belief the states has that they are The Greatest Country In The World and that somehow if they falter in that belief, if they accept for one second that is not actually true the world is gonna end?

I don’t know if people actually believe that but it is pervasive in the media. and even more in Sorkin’s. in idealistic work like sports night or the west wing it was actually interesting, inspiring even. particularly in the west wing, it made sense.

but in more cynical works like studio 60 or the newsroom, it’s just bloody annoying.

and it’s not a belief I see anywhere else.

The rest of the world seem ok with the idea of their country not being perfect, not being the best, and yet still finding reasons to be proud of it, to love it.

and I guess I wish the newsroom explored this a bit more. that went more on a “our country’s shit but we love and we’re actively trying to make it better”

but in sorkin’s world, at least, that seems to be forbidden, which is odd since it was often recognised in the west wing how fucked up the world was, how often it was unfair and there wasn’t a thing they could do.

I love the idea of people trying to make their world better by whatever means they have. Will McAvoy and his mission to civilize, his moments of mentoring, that ep with neal and egypt, there are so many good moments hidden in the rubbish.

I suppose Sorkin’s gotten kinda like Moffatt, too enamoured with his own talent and no one dares edit him and he could really use some limits.

Maybe I should just rewatch TWW

ETA: I’d forgotten how Mackenzie seems to think the answer to “why is America the greatest country in the world?” is “because we are the only country in the world that has said over and over and over ‘we can do better'”

seriously? excuse me while I facepalm.

Thank you for so clearly illustrating my problem: Arrrogant Americanism,  aka “we think we are so much better than everyone else for absolutely no reason whatsoever”


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