my ‘killed too son’ tv list

I LOVE TV. and I watch a lot of it. most of my favourites shows were cancelled too soon. but these I find specially terrible cause most of this barely got a chance to exist before they were killed.

“Firefly” is not on this list cause while I love, it is the #1 answer to any “cancelled too soon” so at this point it’s just a given.

plus the idea is “didnt get a chance to be great” and firefly kinda did.

bunheads (18 episodes) by the creator of gilmore girls. it’s possible I liked it cause I had all this headcanons for the girls that were likely to never come true.

political animals (6 episodes) by greg berlanti. political drama and personal issues. seb stan as a gay crying baby

the cape (10 episodes) by tom wheeler. who also created surface,which I also enjoyed and was also cancelled. still waiting on those other 5 seasons and a movie

the inside (13 episodes) by tim minear whose twitter is @cancelledagain.

drive (6 episodes)tim minear and nathan fillion. never stood a chance.

opposite sex (8 episodes) milo ventimiglia,chris evans and kyle howard.  I don’t even remember if it was good but i was cute and it did introduce me to these actors

freakylinks (13 episodes) 2000 me LOVED this. maybe even more than TXF.  it mixed the internet with bizarre events. looking back it was probably terrible but had it aired a few years later it probably would have done pretty well

threshold (13 episodes)aliens,conspiracies,peter dinklage and carla gugino.

no heroics (6 episodes) a british bar full of terrible superheroes. very british in its superhero take. pretty funny.

jake 2.0 (16 episodes) average geek becomes superhero. a predecesor to chuck.

wonderfalls (13 episodes) bryan fuller’s first tv series.

the middleman (13 episodes) By javier grillo-marxuach. the kind of show that was so awesome and so weird one really oughta be thankful it ever got made at all.

caprica (1 season) as a bsg fan I admit I wasnt exactly looking forward to it. but it turned out to be pretty fantastic, doing a good job of mixing the advance of technology with ethical concerns and  portraying terrorism in a different light.

life (2 seasons) starring damian lewis and sarah shahi. a cop is sent to prison for a crime he didnt commit and is let out ten years later with a fortune and reinstament.  it followed a similar formula to castle or txf with the weird cop and the serious one. it featured damian lewis’ character trying to adjust to life after his traumatic past in pretty funny ways. one of those shows that is definitely worth rewatching when the tv schedule is empty.

actually I’m not sure Life belongs on this list. it was already pretty great.

sports night (2 seasons) Aaron Sorkin’s first tv show. behind the scenes of a sports newshow. features many sorkin would-be classics. strange in that it uses a laugh tracks and is a half-hour show.


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