my strange relationship with one of my favourite stories


The perks of being a wallflower is one of my favourite books ever. easily top ten. but unlike other books in the list like P&P or Good Omens, I can’t read it that often.

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And I love the movie, I really do. I bought the blu ray, I told a lot of people about it, I have it in my faves folder, but I also can’t watch it often.

Everytime I do, I cry.

I get really emotional over Charlie’s story.

I really connect with him, seeing him suffer makes me suffer.

and it’s not so much that the book is painful is just…. it’s hard to explain but due to it connection I feel with Charlie, how relatable I find him I literally cannot read/watch this without getting over emotional so I don’t do it very often, cause I feel kind of a mess afterwards and I have enough work not being a mess in general.

I think it affecting me so much it’s part of why I love it, really.the_perks_of_being_a_wallflower_quote_1

cause there’s not a lot of characters I can truly,properly identify
with, so the ones that do exist I tend to latch on to and become very empatethic of their lives,really.

I watch a lot movies and tv series and read books and comics and I want it to affect me emotionally, I think that’s basically its job,if I don’t care then what’s the point?

but Perks  is special. it’s more than that.

I was thinking about watching it tonight but I already feel a bit off a bit sensitive, I have been watching the west wing and crying, so I thought, better not.


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