Assigment- Who am I and why am I here

Why am I here is easy, I blog, I write, cause,basically I need to empty my mind regularly.

too many things,too many thoughts tend to crowd me and make uncomfortable, I guess, so I got used to journalling from a very young age and then around 2000-something, 1 or 2 or 3, I can’t remember, blogs started to be a thing and I tried my hand. I’ve had many. some are still around, just today I was visiting my old livejournal.  some were too old and they disappeared.

I have several social media accounts,tumblr,twitter,instagram,etc, and I am constantly updating them cause my mind moves very fast and I lose track of my thoughts quickly.

I have ADHD, among other neurological conditions, and blogging, tumblrin, tweeting, etc is actually really helpful to track my thoughts, I can look back  and see what I was thinking or doing and I can even entertain people at the same time.

it works for me.

Who am I,

Well, I’m the process of graduating from university, I studied English pedagogy  and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, since I knew since I started that I didn’t want to teach. I wanted to study film but my parents wanted something more traditional and stable, and we compromised by me choosing English which I enjoy and would give me the backup of teaching.

I’m considering going into translation, I have done it as a freelancer and it’s alright as as job and pays decently.

I like to write and when younger I wanted to do it professionally but now I’m not so sure. I’m still writing fanfic occasionally.

I’m a fangirl,I’m from Chile, I’m a native Spanish speaker and it was through fandom that I learned English and it has been a important influence throughout my life.

I’ve been in many fandoms, usuallly genre ones, although not all of them, such as The West Wing, and I was briefly in the shondaverse.

what else?i I’m a feminist, I ride a bike, I have a big family,I love to read, and I do it a lot.

I want to pursue a career in a creative field. I got a camera for my first communion, I was like 12, I think, and I’ve been interested ever since. I post at and

what else? I have horrible handwriting. complete lack of fine motor skills. not  very good coordination either. I’m very clumsy.

for new year’s I wanted to follow Carol Danvers’ footsteps. go higher,further,faster,more. find the edge of me.


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