tales from the road

Why do cars do that thing where instead of stopping,they slow down as you cross the street?

whether as a cyclist, or as a pedestrian, I find it really annoying.

Is it an intimidation tactict? hurry up or I’ll run you over?

if so, it’s a really dumb one.

I was riding home today and my usual route includes a nice ride down a hill and  about halfway there’s a parallel street and I saw as I rode down that a car get to the corner, slows down but keeps advancing, like they’re  waiting on me to stop?

which, as I’m going down a hill,gaining speed and momentum, it’s an incredibly stupid thing to do and so they wait till about half the car is on the street and I’m only a couple of meters away to actually stop and look at me clearly not happy that I made them stop.

cause you can tell when a car didn’t see you and stops in surprise and one that did and just wanted you to stop and let them pass.

and drivers usually believe they have the preference simply due to being cars,regardless of traffic law.

anyway, is there any other reason besides intimidation for cars to slow down instead of stopping?

cyclists usually do it cause bikes run on momentum and it takes actual effort to start again , particularly on a heavy gear, but cars don’t have that problem, no one’s asking them to turn the freaking motor off.

the answer to most of my car-related issues tends to boil down to asshole or ignorant/reckless.

either it’s a reckless driver that didnt see me, wasn’t looking,or an asshole one who did and didnt care.

and when they’re coming behind you and pass 5cm away from you I don’t think it’s cause they didn’t see you.

of course, there’s also ignorant in the sense of “I’ve never been on a bike so I’ve no idea what it’s like”

That’s why I think they should all have their cars taken away and forced to ride bikes when they misbehave.

cars could have sensors to go off and take a photo when you pass too close to an object and the driver could get points docked off their license.

in my ideal world, getting a driver’s license would be much harder.

there’d be a psych evaluation involved. so it wouldn’t be just to see if you are able to drive a car but about if you should.  a lot of people on the streets today simply don’t have the emotional maturity to handle a car, and so they shouldn’t.

worst of all, a lot of them are the so-called “professional” drivers.


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