Movie Review: In Your Eyes

Yesterday I saw “In your eyes” a movie from Bellwether Pictures, Joss Whedon’s new company.

I quite liked the movie. it was engaging. it made me put my phone down.

It’s a sweet paranormal romance based around the telepathic/sensory connection that opens between two strangers.  They have both lived troubled,lonely lives and find solace in each other


It’s really cute and the two leads have great chemistry which considering they have to carry the whole movie is pretty important.

I liked that their connection is never explained. one day it opens up and they start talking and they realise it has been around pretty much their entire lives but they don’t waste time wondering about why.

it’s totally worth the $5 dollars.

Now, to the not so great.

As I said, the two leads are really cute, but they’re also two young,white,(pressumably)cis,straight,conventionally attractive actors and that’s something I usually tend to stay away from. I saw this cause it was Whedon, of course I was gonna watch, but I tend to stay away from movies whose main plot is het romance these days. why look for it when it is everywhere.

Also, I must add a trigger warning for emotional abuse, and also there’s scenes of someone being dragged into a psychiatric hospital.

some spoilers here

the last few  minutes of the movie made it very hard to suspend my disbelief cause it felt the boy had grabbed the idiot ball with both hands and run with it. and yes, boys doing stupid,senseless things are a staple of the genre,as is the manufacturing of drama to make the happy ending more deserve but if only there’d been a scene of at least trying to do something less impulsive, to think things through it would’ve been better I feel.

both characters spend the entire movie talking to themselves and people around them think they are going crazy. and this feels like something it could’ve been handled better. in Continuum, one of the first things the main character does is get a bluetooth earpierce so it won’t seem as though she’s talking to herself.

I feel like there should’ve been a conversation there, about getting weird looks and either doing something about it or just fuck it. they going the ‘let’s not care’ route, too involved in their little bubble to care, which is an aspect of romance movies I also don’t particularly care for.

Now, the ending.

I liked the ending. It might’ve been unrealistic or something but I can forgive it, cause there’s something very classic and romantic about it.

So, in total I think I’d give it a 6/10, cause it was a totally amusing way to spend the time and the issues I have are the usual ones I tend to have with general romance movies.


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