What Fanworks Taught Me

the HP Alliance has a campaign supporting fanworks as fair use, and asked fans to collaborate with what we’ve learned through #fanworkstaughtme

I’ve been a fangirl for a very long time so the answer is a lot.

I made a video.

the first thing I thought of upon hearing the campaign was well, English.cause I learned the language cause I wanted to read fanfic. x files fanfic in particular. and by the time the 5th Harry Potter came out I was reading I didn’t wait for a translation.

aside from language and skills I picked up through exposure to fanworks and while producing them, I distilled simple life lessons that are fairly basic and not even exclusive to fanworks.

lesson 1: having a goal is really useful when learning a new skill

lesson 2: you can build on other people’s art and by inspired by them but never take someone else’s work and pass it off as your own.

lesson 3: learn to share and help others

lesson 4: everything you do is a work in progress

lesson 5: appreciate and support creators.

Finally I wanted to express my continued support to organizations like the OTW, Creative Commons and Fight for the Future as well as everyone else fighting to keep the internet creative,open, and free.


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