moving pictures

I’ve always been interested in films and their production. lately I’ve been distracted with photography but I’ve been drifting into video as well.

I’ve been reading about City Symphonies, old movies from the 1920’s that attempted to capture the spirit of a city through film and orchestra.

I’ve seen a few, they’re very old and show a different way of life, but I find the concept very interesting.

kinda like what hitrecord did with the in a city project in which they got a lot of different people to record video about where they lived.just video while they walked down the street.

I shot some too but it was terrible, but I’ve been shooting some more ever since, posting some stuff to my yotube channel, not sure where it was going.

I like videos that capture city life. like street photography but moving.

recently I saw jem cohen’s counting which is exactly about this, though not focused in one city but a few, there’s videos from new york,moscow,i think barcelona too and somewhere in the uk. it just shows daily life, i thought it was great.


I particularly like videos about bike rides or skating,. with the advent of gopros and similars there has been a resurgence of travelogue videos, people who carry them on their helmet or handlebars and the results can be pretty fun.

i mean there’s a lot of sub genres, there’s crazy adventures, like people mountain biking a tiny ridge on a cliff somewhere, penny boarding down a hill and so on and i like those too but there’s something  about the ones that are just cruising through the city. there’s also something hypnotic about them, i think.

I want to make a city symphony for my city.

Valdivia was chosen as ‘culture capital of America’ so it’s a perfect time to do it I think. We’re in the middle of spring so it’s mostly sunny and the city looks beautiful.

of course I don’t have it all figured out yet, just the general idea, some notions, I’m still in the script/storyboard part, planning shots, making lists of places to visits, what do I want to capture and all that.

I did just get  a sports cam to help since recording with my phone as I have been doing it’s not the most comfortable or best option.

I also need to practice with video editing, so I’ve been learning adobe premiere which is way better than the ones I normally use (like kinemaster or wevideo)

for that, I made a new video, well tecnically I updated an old video, since it sucked but i did have to start from scratch,gathering all the clips and getting the music, stitching all together,making all new editing choices so it was certainly educational.

it’s a fanvid for Doctor/Rose.


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