Last year I did this good memories jar thing, and some time ago I opened it up. read what was inside.

there was a paper that said “you are not a sad story. you alive” and it caught my attention cause I don’t remember the context in which I wrote it.

I know it’a quote from the perks of being a wallflower, and I know it’s a quote that’s being going around in my mind for a while. I’ve been tempted to have it tattooed even. as a reminder.

this whole paragraph speaks to me. and I wanted to do something to mark it.
I’ve walking and riding around the city shooting what I see, planning a video to capture the spirit of the city, and I thought it’d be interesting to make a video about this little paragraph. I thought about a short one,like for instagram, I did a quick storyboard,and I realised I could probably use some of the footage I already had to make it.

at first I wanted to go literal on the ‘lights on buildings’ part, cause there certainly is something inspiring about looking down at the sprawl of a city all lit up, but that is kind of a hard perspective to achieve around here. better chance to be awed at nature than urban life,really.

so I gave it some more thought and decided to go more with the spirit of the idea.
on the story, charlie is riding in a car with his friends through a tunnel and listening to the perfect music.

me, I feel like that when I am riding on my bike with my music. so a cycling video. but while I have a lot of footage of how the world looks like when I’m riding, I don’t have a lot of how I look when I am riding. so one day walking home I stood on a street and shot some cyclists passing by.

put that together with other footage I had of the city, of places I like to go to, places I find inspiring and beautiful,and with footage of me riding, all set in my own little island.

I got a trial suscription to and from there I’ve been downloading backgrounds,effects,etc.  plus I did some color correction on the footage, which was the first time I had ever done that. I am learning a lot, though I still have about a billion questions and I am seriously considering taking a proper video editing class. it might be interesting to depart from my usual autodidact ways.

I worked on the editing for weeks, watching it over and over and over, switching the clips trying to think like in the memory games,trying to find clips that had a similar look to each other, that fit, like matty brown said. (I’ve been watching videos on vimeo’s school)

technically I suppose it’s been months since I’ve been shooting for a while, trying to capture the life of the city and I used footage from as far back as may I think.

While I am not 100% pleased with the video, I decided it was good enough and that it was best to move on to the next thing. I have too many unfinished projects that I blame on my perfectionisms and lack of skills to get the finished product to look like it looked on my head.

I doubt that’s ever going to happen. but if I keep working, they might eventually be even better.


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