Rogue One First Impressions


some thoughts I had when I came home some time past 2 am after seeing Rogue one

this is just a first impression, likely to be updated as I watch it more times

contains spoilers for the movie and for ‘catalyst: a rogue one story’


First, I had to dry out my tears and take a few deep breaths.
that movie was something. it took my breath away.

it was great, and I loved it, and it felt like a punch in the heart.

it reminded me of les mis.(and I loved les mis)

a small team of people fighting for a cause they believe in, against an impossible enemy with almost no chance or survival.

once the attack on the beach starts I almost shouted “to the barricades!”

and that final shot of jyn and cassian definitely gave me E/R flashbacks.

that trope, I guess, the ragtag team,the impossible, the belief of I’ll keep fighting till I succeed or die, damn, it hit my buttons. found family and impossible odds are some of my favourite things. there’s a reason I love Firefly and Leverage so damn much and it isn’t such the witty dialogue.

I also enjoyed(is that even the right word?) how it gives us a glimpse into what life under the empire is, about this tragedy that has spanned decades,planet,families…

if star wars as a whole is the skywalker’s saga, then Rogue One is the Erso’s.

in Catalyst we learn of Galen and Orson’s relationship and this is the climax of all that. Orson feeling utterly betrayed by Galen,his blackened little heart breaking.  though, really, he should’ve seen it coming. don’t force someone to work on your project unless you want them to fuck it up. but noooo Orson thought it was destiny. he just had to remove obstacles (like Lyra and The Child) and show Galen the path.

(Like with Catalyst, I do wish we’d learn more about Lyra)

Galen ends up being forced to build it though it destroys him and his family.

I think there’s a bit of a hubris theme going around, how Galen just wanted to do his research in peace and he thought the war wouldn’t get to him.
he was naive to think it wouldnt affect him.
if they’d run, become farmers or whatever maybe it wouldn’t have hit him that hard. or if he’d stayed in the core but done anything else.

but no, he tempted fate. he wanted to continue his kyber research but he failed to see how useful if weaponized.
he went ahead and immersed himself in the science without thinking of consequences.

Orson on the other hand was so obsessed with gaining power and with having Galen by his side that he didnt stop to look it from another side.
and he never thought they’d use it on him. or on an empire planet,probably.

Nuking the planet does seem like a pretty stupid idea IMO. what a huge loss!

another bit I liked to watch, to learn, was the beginning, in Jedha.
the realities of life there. how the empire doesnt give a fuck about sacred sites, will loot,destroy anything.

felt a bit like the images we see coming out of Aleppo, really.
also the resistance there, saw guerrera’s warrior, theyre all dressed kinda like the rebels with stuff around the head/faces, so that was bit strange. At least they were the good guys. 

we see Jyn save a child in the middle of the fighting, and you can’t help but remember tiny jyn running for her life.

she and Cassian grow up in a hard time. they don’t get a childhood. or a family. the empire took that from them. they both get recruited into this fight very early on. it’s understandable why Cassian will do anything for the alliance and why Jyn wants nothing to do with them. she’s tired. she’s lost everything,including hope.
Cassian hasn’t lost it. he’s still fighting. he’s a True Believer.
and thought they don’t trust each other, they quickly learn to.
I think they see they are not that different and that helps both of them.
Cassian’s hope soon infects Jyn, who after being on her own for a long time, fighting just to stay alive, finally finds someone trustworthy.

I do wish we even more about Jyn and Cassian. it would hurt like 10000000000% more, but damn it, give me their backstory. well, I know Jyn’s, but I wanna know of her life with saw guerrera, when she was on her own, and I wanna know about Cassian.

I will absolutely write it myself if I have to. I might have already started a coffeeshop AU…

of course it also reminded me of firefly, cause it and SW are very closely related, but this movie also plays with the ‘can’t stop the signal’ theme we see in serenity.

as long as people still believe,still fighting,there is still hope.

Jyn’s whole life was disrupted by the empire and for that,though she hates them, she just wants to live her life, go her own way, but at one point you can’t stand on the sidelines anymore. she’s been running all her life and she finally finds a reason to stand and fight.

Galen never wanted to fight either. at the end he was forced to join up and do something he despised.
he tried to do what he could to sabotage it, so at least his legacy wouldn’t be this planet killer of a weapon,
but I think there’s also an idea of if you don’t choose eventually you’ll be drafted against your will.

Jyn was great. she worked as the lead. she had great presence. she didnt need any help. the rest of the cast was wonderful but she definitely rises above.
reminds me of leia in the original trilogy. I wonder if Mon Mothma was reminded of her as well.

It works really well that the main cast is nearly all poc, the grunts, the one laying down all the work the heroes will take credit for later.

This isnt the princess getting caught up in the rebellion, this is the story of the everyday people that die in war, the unsung heroes, and why,tragic as it is, makes sense that they all die. 

In Les Mis, it was mostly a bunch of millenials fighting for a cause they believed in but didnt quite understand. Or truly belonged to,I felt. 

But this, this is the people who have been hit hardest taking up arms against those who have hurt them. 

Taking a stand. 

They have the guts to do what’s right while everybody else just runs away. And it works because it’s all they have. So they have nothing to lose. And all to give. 

(which is why they deserved happy endings and to be treated as heroes and i will write those fics myself if i have to)

That whole theme of misfits toys works much better with a minority cast. 

And I really hope we see more women in the franchise soon. Although I absolutely have a weakness for brunette british women I think it’s time to look beyond. 

More latinxs in space. And how about any woc in space ? Gina torres has experience, just sayin… 

I find that the biggest theme on the movie is hope.
hope and fight.
how they’re both essential to any battle,any rebellion.
you can’t fight if you don’t have hope of winning.
sometimes it’ll mean great sacrifices,
maybe even life but this is bigger than any one person.
they are fighting for the fate of the galaxy.
so no one can stand on the sidelines.
you gotta make a choice. lay down and surrender, or stand and fight.

and like saw guerrara asks in that scene of the trailer we never see in the movie
what will you become?

(There’s a lot of scenes from the trailers we never see in the movies.
some must’ve been lost in reshoots. I hope we get some deleted scenes in the blu-ray)

This is mostly focused on everything I loved and soon I’ll watch it again and do a more in-depth analysis of what worked and what didnt. 


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