Best movies of 2016

I didn’t see a lot of movies this year. mostly just big productions that made it to the local theatre and what I managed to see at FICV


Arrival by  Denis Villeneuve large_arrival-poster-2016

Undoubtedly number one. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a clever scifi movie. I like that it focuses on a simple logistics issue: how do we communicate with aliens? And of course I enjoyed the linguistics focus. I studied English. I like languages. Scifi movies usually focus on things like physics,engineering or chemistry. But tackling a language issue? That was new. It was slower which made sense cause it’s not a big budget film of humans vs aliens. And it’s whole theme it’s about communication and cooperation, so of course I loved it.

It is an stellar example of non-linear storytelling and show how you can have a twist but not rely on it. Knowing the twist isn’t the point of the story,doesn’t spoil it,and it perfectly illustrates how the alien’s language works.

The audience doesn’t feel cheated and it’s not impossible to guess, but it is rather hard to explain.

It is good however way you look it, from ‘is it a good movie?’ to ‘is it entertaining?’ to a doylist perspective of ‘is it well made?’

rogueone_onesheeta_1000_309ed8f6Rogue one by Gareth Edwards

I already wrote a whole review. I loved it. it made me cry. it hit my buttons.



rara-pelicula-posterRara by Pepa San Martin
a Chilean movie,based on a real-life discrimination case where a lesbian mother was sued for custody by her ex-husband and told through the eyes of the eldest daughter, it’s tragic and familiar ,even heartwarming on its tragedy.

It succeeds in making you feel part of the family and empathising with them.

I really enjoyed, laughed a lot, felt represented and identified, and then it broke my heart at the end, even though I knew what was coming it still hurt.




fantasticbeastsposter_0Fantastic Beasts

Also got its own review

I liked it, but it relied heavily on my existing love for JK Rowling and Eddie Redmayne. on its own, it doesn’t stand very well. it’s pretty uneven. the world is undeveloped. suffers from pacing issues.  Unlike the HP questions where we had books to fill in the gaps, that knowledge is only on jo’s head now.



What can I even say? This movie,kate mckinnon’s existence have been the saving grace of 2016.
My only complaint is holtz not being able to run around with a rainbow flag around her shoulders. It was frakking awesome!




mv5bodgzn2e1yjctodg5yi00yzywlwjjzjatndg2mge2y2myyjbmxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjm1mtq0ntq-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_Star Trek Beyond

the best nutrek movie so far. The team works, the plot is solid,the cast convincing and lacking any of the flaws in previous entries. I could write more about it but honestly it’d just be gushing.




descarga-1Como me da la gana II

This is a Chilean movie where a filmmaker goes around to film sets and asks the director about their motivations. It’s a movie about making movies and I enjoy that sort of thing. Plus you get a glimpse of a sense of community between Chilean filmmakers and that’s pretty cool.



p03w3t5hA midsummer night’s dream (bbc production)

I‘m a shakespeare nerd and I love retellings. I wanted to see it as soon i heard about it,then I heard it was RTD and then I saw it and it had a queer-as-fuck ending. Fuck yeah


mv5bmjq0mtgynjaxmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwnjuzmdkyode-_v1_uy1200_cr9006301200_al_Civil War by the Russo Brothers

I really did like the movie. when you look at it on its own it is fairly entertaining, and it mostly makes sense if you’re not looking closely. but as a fan, it’s hard not see everything missing. what it could’ve been. in context, you wish it were…more. different. more character-based like previous ones.

I’m #TeamCap. I find tony a good character and I like him but i’m aligned much closer to cap and I enjoy his movies a lot. TWS continues to be my fave marvel movie and only Captain Marvel as a chance at unseating it.

So, the parts of it which were a cap movie I liked but a lot of it also felt too much like avengers 2.5  but not at all like ultron. if you were to put avengers/age of ultron/ civil war they don’t make much sense as a trilogy. characterisation is out of the window.

I’m interested in what happened after the fall of SHIELD. What has been Steve up to when he isnt with the avengers? Previous movies had at least given us a hint at steve’s admittedly sad domestic life.this one,no time. We start with a disaster and have to run around to fix it.

it felt ike we were missing previous movies like sam and steve’s roadtrip in search of bucky,steve and nat broing it out or bucky’s post hydra life… And where was maria? She should’ve been in this movie instead of sharon cause if we’re going to have forced heteronormativity at least it should be captain hill. We dont even know sharon carter beyond she’s peggy’s niece and we only knew that cause comics. Having maria take her spot would’ve made a lot more sense. We see her still working for stark/the avengers in aou but no glimpse of her here? Really?

It earns a spot here cause I feel at least everyone is pretty well characterized, unlike aou where it doesnt really feel like them.


movies  that I saw this year but weren’t released this year.


descarga-3A femme is a femme by Jean-Luc Goddard

feels like a quintessential french movie, it’s rather surreal, there’s smoking,dancing and seduction and a woman at the center.




daisiesSedmikrásky (Daisies) by Věra Chytilová

Pinacle of Russian cinema Nová Vlna, really. it stars two young women who live by seducing and conning men and get into shenanigans. it’s really fun and pretty fucking absurd.  you can watch it on its entirety on youtube 




I saw these two movies thanks to CPVC who did a retrospective of 50 years, 50 movies so I got to see a lot of classics.



It’s the real story of how the miners strike of 1984 in the UK was supported by a rag-tag group of lgbt activisms and the consequences of their mixing.

it’s very heartwarming, as british comedies tend to be, talking about family, love and acceptance. I’ve seen it like 10 times this year alone and I even got the tshirt.





god-help-the-girl-poster-2God help the girl

I contributed to this kickstarter years ago, and got a poster which I put away and forgot about. earlier this year I was cleaning, found it and put it up, later deciding I should watch the damn movie.

I loved it . it’s got this trope I love about weird,introverted, creative kids dealing with existential crisis. 

the music is great, which I already knew cause I’m a B&S fan and I’d heard the GHTH album, and it’s got a cute story about a girl recovering from a eating disorder who meets a couple of other kids and the summer they spend creating music.



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