books of 2016

I’ve been keeping track of my books with goodreads for a while now, and in  2016 I  set a goal of 100 books,which I achieved,with hours to spare.

Mainly thanks to audiobooks and graphic novels,I must say.

several of the images are from my bookstagram account @parttimerarebookdealer


you-know-me-wellyou know me well by nina lacour  and david levithan  (2016)

Definitely one of the best books of the year, by two amazing own voices authors.

The story tells of  a boy and a girl, who’ve known each other for years but only become friends after very OOC night for both of them. They’re in their final year of high school, fearing a nebulous future and find some great and very much needed strenght in their friendship.

the story is told in alternating POVs, and rounding up the cast is nothing but a bunch of queer teens. it is wonderful.

all-the-birds-in-the-skyall the birds in the sky by charlie jane anders  (2016)

When I read that Charlie Jane was releasing a novel I immediately thought ‘I have got to read that’ and I was damn right.

it is a damn good novel. There are of course,many geeky references and meta jokes. it reminded me a bit of The Magicians in that aspect, cause it pulls it off really well.

The story features a boy and a girl who are special and how they keep finding each other throughout their lives despite leading different,often opposite paths. it manages to mix both magic and technology, which is hard to do, and it does so without making either side evil, and it tells a fantastic story, full of action and drama,plus a few laughs and awww moments.

descarga-5the long way to a small angry planet by Becky Chambers (2014)

Since it came out I’ve heard people say “you’ve got to read this” and I didn’t really believe the hype but I finally sat down to read it and was really fucking impressed.

any firefly fan oughta be pleased with this. it’s about a small cargo ships taking whatever jobs it can in order to survive and trying to stay out of the radar of the goverment. it also features actual aliens, and explorations of said aliens cultures and sexuality. it’s cute,funny, and should definitely an underrated tv show that is cancelled too soon. did I mention it features a sentient A.I as well?

the-magician-kingthe magician’s land by lev grossman  (2014)

I grabbed ‘The Magician King’ on a whim last year, read, loved it, but also felt it desperately needed some trigger warnings, good gods that was traumatising, and then I realised it was book 2. I was gonna read book 1 but then I decided to go ahead and read book 3 and circle back.

I think it was the right call. Book 1 Quentin is kinda annoying, and I’m not sure I would’ve read the whole book. and I would’ve missed it. he mellows a lot in following books,becoming far more bearable. but whereas Julia was my fave in TMK in this one it was undoubtly Janet.

What I like about this series, why I read in the first place is the exploration of what happens after the fairy tale ends. it all started with a tumblr post asking what happened when your adult self who’d grown up in a magic kingdom was thrust back into your childhood body in your original world and how traumatic it must be. the tags talked of the magicians. and they were fucking right. It’s a super interesting topic, how the fuck do you move on after all those experiences? kinda like post-companion life, like suffering a really bad book hangover. and I like that it’s not just Quentin’s story, he’s like Piper Chapman, the one that sells, but in the end just a vehicle to tell stories of much more interesting characters.

descarga-6the hammer of thor by rick riordan (2016)

I only wanted to include one book by author on this list and this one won out over Trials of Apollo for one simple reason: Alex Fierro.

I wasn’t too impressed with the first magnus chase story, it was fun but felt a little…overdone? the supporting cast was good but magnus as a character wasn’t clicking much with me.

This book expands Magnus’  character so you can stop seeing him as Percy-lite, fleshes out everyone else and adds Alex Fierro who is fucking amazing.

Uncle Rick’s been doing pretty well lately on the representation front, he started out slow and has been adding more and more characters, his last two books are thrown any caution he still had out the window, so on top of a fun adventure where Loki (who else?) is causing mischief we have a heroic genderfluid teen. One thing I wanted to mention was that most of the heroes we’ve had so far have been warriors, even if they didnt start out that way, they grow pretty badass. while Magnus, and this is very well established here, is not.

He is a healer. his friends, his sword, they do the ass-kicking. he steps in later to do the clean up, and this doesn’t make him any less heroic. and this is isn’t just magnus. There’s a lot of characters like that. a blacksmith who does fashion armour, there’s alex garroting magnus one moment and working on pottery the next, and so on, no character is one thing and certainly not one stereotypical thing,theyre all allowed depth,dreams,and you get a real sense of who they are.

it’s one of the thing I like about his writing. why I was surprised a bit with how unresponsive I felt at the first book.

27969081.jpglabyrinth lost by Zoraida Córdova (2016)

This one reminded a bit of Riordan’s books. the exploration of a different culture, the trip to another land, the strange alluring boy who of course was nothing but trouble, the loyal and curious  muggle friend who follows our hero into  their world and gets involved in the adventure.

My one complaint is audiobook-related, because the narrator kept mispronouncing “Mamá” and “Papá” and it was  kinda annoying (they were pronounced like “máma” and “pápa” which a)makes the word “papa” sound like “potato” and not “father”, and it’s like gringos do it. I don’t know if it was a choice , but if it was i’d like to know what was the thought behind it, and if it was ignorance i’d like to know why it wasn’t caught.

41iaimcoqzl-_sy344_bo1204203200_the wander society by ker smith (2016)

The Wander Society leads us on a chase to find out exactly what it is, and give us the chance to take on a new perspective on life.

Years ago, I read Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass,I think thanks to John Green’s looking for Alaska and I loved it. so when I saw this one was related I was very excited. things I had been feeling for years were reflected on this book

I’m definitely a fan of Ker Smith, there is no doubt. I own several books. but this one is my favourite. very rarely, you find a book that feels written for you. one of mine is Perks, this is another.

I love walking. I love losing myself  in the woods, and  I am lucky enough I live somewhere I can do that regularly.  it’s one the reasons why I love riding my bike. and this book speaks to that part of me. I think that’s part of why I like taking photos and making videos. trying to capture that magic and communicate it to others.

14280554_816905848412445_771092508_nas I descended by robin talley (2016)

I’d been looking forward to this for a while, it’s a retelling of macbeth with a f/f couple, set in a very competitive private school.

of course, it’s a tragedy. it’s based of macbeth! there’s plenty of people getting choked on their ambitions.

It’s spooky, and wonderful.



26418014862_d5439b0105_o.jpgbloodline by claudia gray (2016)

I’m a fan of The West Wing, of well-written complex political landscapes, and this shows that. it’s what the prequels should’ve been.

Leia is on the forefront, both as a political operator and as general badass.

Basically the story follows Leia a few years before TFA, before disaster struck , ben fell and luke ran way.

Mon Mothma has retired from politics and the vaccuum of power created by her abssence has allowed dissent to grow in the senate, threatening everything Leia’s worked for.

The senate is being useless, so Leia has to save their skins, basically.


DawnOfTheJediIntoTheVoidCover.jpgdawn of the jedi: into the void by tim lebbon (2013)

I read a lot of SW books this year, and this was one of my favourites. I like old jedi stories, and this was a long,long,long,looooooong time ago.

before the republic, before the jedi order even, since our little heroine has jedis for a mother and father, and they’re not monks or warriors, but teachers and scientists for the most part.

seeing this variety of jedi is so interesting.

plus there’s an ass-kicking jedi with an actual sword and that doesn’t hurt, and the whole ‘roadtrip around the world to all the jedi temples’ angle is pretty awesome.

Finally, I have two sweet f/f romances to rec:

style_Full-res-1024x709.jpgstyle by chelsea m cameron (2016) 

two very different girls are paired together for a school project and a spark ignites that threatens to ruin their carefully constructed plans.




UnderTheLightsDahliaAdlerCover.jpgunder the lights by Dahlia Adler (2015)

An asian up and coming actress finds her helself incredibly drawn to her agent’s daughter who challenges her to rethink her life.

They’re both really fucking cute, and fluffy and definitely worth a read.










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