Watching adventure films

Since I’ve been sick for a few weeks, and then travelled,there’s a lot of things I left undone or half finished. I did one whole thing today, go me.

It’s so hot it doesn’t exactly encourage me to do stuff. But I also haven’t been sitting at home so that’s progress.

I went to the pool yesterday with my cousin. A friend asked me to go to the beach today and I wanted to go but there, were two film events I wanted to attend which cut beach-time short. Dad took me to the beach but we weren’t there for long. Maybe an hour and a half? I tried calling my friend to meet but he didnt answer.

I did go to both film events but I was late to the first one,sadly. Only got to the end. But I did learn the filmmaker’s names to google them. It was a small selection of local shorts.

Second one was the Banff Mountain Festival,on World Tour and on my city.

I had like 20 minutes in between to eat a sandwich, and rush over. It was very necessary. I was starving when the event ended..

I’m really pleased I at least tried to go to both. Sometimes I get too anxious,too worried,too lazy and I end up not going to stuff I want to go.

But I did go,all by myself and made some small talk.that’s another thing I’ve been trying. My one errand today was  toask  about glassess and I talked to a boy there, a trainee. At the festival there were stands and I chatted with people there.

The festival was great. It started with a film about Douglas Tompkin, a wonderful memorial. Remembered how people here in Chile were paranoid about his true intentions. Some gringo buying half the country? What’s he planning? But I believed in him. He always seemed like a decent guy. I was very sad to learn about his passing.

There were films about climbing,boulders and rock, summer and winter attempts at torres del paine, there was this cool short about three brothers climbing together which I thought was great. The film had this homemade quality I liked. And it made me smile that they used music from bensound since it’s a site I often use as well. Others had higher production values,clearly. Most were about mountains, though one was about kayaking and one about surfing. The one where they went kayaking also showed how the salmon industry has been polluting the country and killing artisanal fishermen. (the profession,not the people)

The films were all very different, just sharing the spirit of adventure. They were definitely inspiring.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening. I also took out my bike which I hadn’t done in a long time (for me) and it was enjoyable.

I woke up in a good mood and felt little trace of anxiety today. Mild worry at best.

A good day.


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