if i were queen of the world…

i’d   have  very strict driving laws…

everyone would have to pass a psychological test in order to get a license. and if they’re found unfit, like cause theyre easily frustrated or prone to road rage, they’d be sent off to like anger management while driving classes. there’d be plenty of chances for self-improvement. but I wouldn’t allow angry people on the road. driver licenses would have to be swiped before driving and just in case there’d be a photo taken of the driver. if the driver had been in accidents or commited infractions they would not be allowed to drive. anyone using fraudulent means would get suspended for like 6 months at least. and in order to even get a license every able-bodied person would have to spend at least a week riding a bike. and provided raw footage as proof. which would then be reused, both to analyse traffic patterns and make short films about people’s behaviours or whatever.

those not able to ride a bike would probably have to pass some sort of empathy test, like see videos of behaviour and analyse it.

and this would be repeated every time someone needs to renew their license.

there’d be specific carparks, no street parking and places, streets,neighbourhoods where car traffic would not be allowed. commercial neighbourhoods and the like. there’s be public parks, squares, with roofs for rain,stalls for street fairs,plenty of seats, etc.

if someone does need to drive a car there,like for a move or something they’d need to ask for a permit and plan it well.

basically, I just think there need to be less cars. cities should be for people. public transportation shouldn’t be a last resort for those that can’t afford anything else, but something comfortable, nice, to the point most people don’t wanna bother with private cars cause there are better options.

why am I even thinking about this? As a cyclist, it’s never far from my mind.

but also, today, I took my bike and did a bit of the road to Niebla, the seaside community about 15km from where I live.

I didn’t actually make it all the way there cause it’s such a shitty road.

for most of the road there’s literally no space for a bike. there’s the line demarking the road, some lights, and that’s it.

in other places there is but the space is tiny. like 0,5 meters maybe. in other places there is some space but it’s not paved, just uneven ground. so for most of the road you go wondering where could you escape to if necessary.

cause it’s a busy road. and people drive fast, specially bus drivers. there’s been a lot of accidents. people have gotten killed when ran over by a speeding driver.

I went now, end of the summer, at around 4pm when there’s not that much traffic, lunch-going crowd are already there and no one is planning to return usually till after 6, so the traffic was minimal but it was still very stressfull. and yet I saw a fair number of cyclists.

cause it’s the one way to get to the coast. so it’s a very touristic road. so I don’t really understand why it’s never been fixed. why is it so bad for cyclists and pedestrians.

it’s really dangerous, which is why I hardly ever use it. I’ve done it maybe two or three times.


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