Rey Skywalker

Why I believe Rey is a skywalker.

Rey is,without a doubt, the heir. and even if she is not luke’s daughter, she is a skywalker, whether by blood or by choice.

all theories can be true. she was left in luke’s care at his jedi school by x people, making her rey random. she pilots the falcon,takes care of han’s affair and unfishined jobs or whatever, becomes a surrogate daughter to leia making her rey solo, and maybe they knew her or of her.

and finally, she was thought lost by everyone after the massacre, she was adored, a little rey of sunshine and a very powerful one and she is back and luke trains her and she has no family but the people she’s met along the way but she is the obvious heir so she takes the skywalker name.

maybe luke knows her birth name, maybe not.

but she becomes rey skywalker. maybe it’s not even her who says it. maybe it’s someone else and she’s all ooh i cant possibly use that name but luke would be all proud dad and say yeah of course you can id be proud if you did

because as daisy ridley as said, her story is not about where she comes from, but about where she is going.

and i do believe luke knew her,before, but the important part comes now.

I am ridiculously attached to the rey-is-luke’s-long-lost-daughter theory, but in the end it doesn’t matter if she is related to him or not. they’re connected by the force and rey can choose her own damn family.



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