my problems with formal education

I’ve always had problem with school. not learning, I love that, and I do it a lot on my own, but I don’t really into the mold of formal education.I always feel as they say, as a fish being asked to climb a tree.

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Fight for the future.


Today is june 5th. 182 years was the june rebellion in which hundreds of students rose up to fight for a better world, and although they basically died and failed, they were not forgotten. victor hugo witnessed this and he immortalised them in his novel “les miserables” even if they are not the focal point of it.

Today is also the day of reset the net, our day to fight back against those who wish to end our way of life. it is celebrated the anniversary of Edward Snowden’s leak, a man who has become the iconic figure of what it means to be revolutionary in our time.

I’m a millenial, I’m a global citizen and I’m at home on the internet. so when it comes to causes and revolutions, this is the one for me.

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Lessons from the west wing

sign your name

let bartlett be bartlett

teamwork (if you’re dumb,surround yourself with smart people. if you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you)


compromise (donna’s parent’s cats)

choose the right people who don’t hinder you or hold you back.

serve at the pleasure of the president (valar dohaeris)

be decisive

make stuff hapen

don’t be condescending

communication is important

work hard

making mistakes is not the end of the world


post hoc,ergo,propter hoc

accept challenges

dynamic people and partners

what’s next?

a book review and vaguely related ramblings


I just finished this book. I really liked it. it was very interesting, a bit heartbreaking and quite familiar.

It’s about a girl attending a conservative catholic school in Louisiana who has the unfortunate luck of falling for her best friend and worst of all, that friend turns out to be a girl.

what follows is a tragic portrait of what it means to be anything other than straight in a catholic setting and how awful the ignorance and hatred can make kids feel. I wanted to strangle several characters for their behaviour and hug the poor girl.

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on first loves,crushes and self-reflection

a few weeks I was at this convention and there were a lot of breaking-the-ice games,in one of them, I was asked about my first love and I talked about this boy I knew, who was the closest I’ve felt and it was more of a HOLY SHIT SOMEONE LIKES THE SAME BIZARRO CRAP I DO. although he was really cute. but like they said in “500 days of summer” just cause someone does it does not mean they’re right for you. turns out we had similar tastes but wildly different personalities,values, etc.

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Things I love: reading

I’ve always loved stories, and reading, even before I could do it myself I’d pester my parents to buy me new books and read to me.

I remember my mum trying to help my sister with some homework and I’d pick up the books, that had no pictures in them and I’d try to make sense of them. to understand the symbols I saw there.

a few months later, I learned to read and I never stopped. either reading or begging for new books.

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