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Last year I did this good memories jar thing, and some time ago I opened it up. read what was inside.

there was a paper that said “you are not a sad story. you alive” and it caught my attention cause I don’t remember the context in which I wrote it.

I know it’a quote from the perks of being a wallflower, and I know it’s a quote that’s being going around in my mind for a while. I’ve been tempted to have it tattooed even. as a reminder.

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my strange relationship with one of my favourite stories


The perks of being a wallflower is one of my favourite books ever. easily top ten. but unlike other books in the list like P&P or Good Omens, I can’t read it that often.

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This is one of my favourite quotes, it’s from discworld, from “a hat full of sky”

I’m a big fan of PTerry, his writing and little nuggets of wisdow.

and this one is pretty special. the full quote goes “You’re made up of the memories of your parents and your grandparents, all your ancestors. They’re in the way you look, in the colour of your hair. And you’re made up of everyone you’ve ever met who’s changed the way you think.”

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