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books of 2016

I’ve been keeping track of my books with goodreads for a while now, and in  2016 I  set a goal of 100 books,which I achieved,with hours to spare.

Mainly thanks to audiobooks and graphic novels,I must say.

several of the images are from my bookstagram account @parttimerarebookdealer

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Books I have been reading lately.

I’m really,really behind on my goodreads challenge. I’ve read a handful  books this year, not counting books I’ve re-read, comics and fanfic, which is most of what I’ve read.

I thought I’d do a quick review of what I have been reading, as to motivate myself and perhaps others.

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my strange relationship with one of my favourite stories


The perks of being a wallflower is one of my favourite books ever. easily top ten. but unlike other books in the list like P&P or Good Omens, I can’t read it that often.

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Book Review: “Everything leads to you” by Nina LaCour


Everything leads to you by Nina LaCour

I spent most of sunday, while travelling, reading this book and I really enjoyed it.

It’s heartwarming and fluffy, almost rom-com-y but with a decent dose of reality and problems.

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a book review and vaguely related ramblings


I just finished this book. I really liked it. it was very interesting, a bit heartbreaking and quite familiar.

It’s about a girl attending a conservative catholic school in Louisiana who has the unfortunate luck of falling for her best friend and worst of all, that friend turns out to be a girl.

what follows is a tragic portrait of what it means to be anything other than straight in a catholic setting and how awful the ignorance and hatred can make kids feel. I wanted to strangle several characters for their behaviour and hug the poor girl.

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