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the call of the sea

I live about 15km from the coast, but I don’t go anywhere near as often as I’d like. mainly cause the road is terrible, there’s traffic jams and I can’t ride my bike ,there’s no space.

But on Wesdnesday, I did was fairly empty and was pretty wonderful. neither the road nor the beach were crowded, it was warm but not hot, although a bit too cold to really jump in, I just played with the waves a bit.

Why do humans like to go to the sea? What is it that calls us? I don’t know but I do know how much I enjoy. I am a pisces. and when I’m there I wonder if I might be a daughter of Poseidon.

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Every hurt is a lesson… 

And over the  weekend I got a lot of lessons.

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Developing your Eye

I started a new photo challenge.

And to make things harder I decided to use a different grid, triangles,instead of the rule of thirds.

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moving pictures

I’ve always been interested in films and their production. lately I’ve been distracted with photography but I’ve been drifting into video as well.

I’ve been reading about City Symphonies, old movies from the 1920’s that attempted to capture the spirit of a city through film and orchestra.

I’ve seen a few, they’re very old and show a different way of life, but I find the concept very interesting.

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Thoughts on the cup

There’s been something in my mind lately
Some thoughts cooking while watching the world cup
I can’t say I’m a big fan but I do enjoy the atmosphere
It’s like the Olympics,, not everyone follows all these weird sports but it’s nice to see them
i dont follow football but i like this exhibition

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