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Out for a wander. 

I keep trying to find the right words to describe my love of cycling and its many pleasures,but I can never get them right. 

Nevertheless,I persist. 

Today I am out for a night ride alongside the Costanera, a lovely riverside promenade in my town. It’s very touristic,specially in summer,so it’s lit up with lights,food trucks,stalls, and full of people. 

I’m not the only one wandering around in a bike. There’s many others. There are also runners and walkers. 

Other days I have been both. 

Today I felt like a ride.

( And I also have a slightly sore foot)

The thing about cycling is… I feel better on my bike. Freer. Happier. Like I could do anything. Whatever is plaguing me doesnt seem so dire. 

The world doesn’t seem so daunting. 

Night rides are particularly nice. Calming.inviting.inspiring. 


I was thinking of this Postal Service lyric, ‘out on the street,there are many possibilities to not be alone’ 

And I keep coming back to perks,thinking of ,’the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder’ 

And that’s how I feel,I guess. Full of wonder and possibilities. 

Last year I did this good memories jar thing, and some time ago I opened it up. read what was inside.

there was a paper that said “you are not a sad story. you alive” and it caught my attention cause I don’t remember the context in which I wrote it.

I know it’a quote from the perks of being a wallflower, and I know it’s a quote that’s being going around in my mind for a while. I’ve been tempted to have it tattooed even. as a reminder.

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tales from the road

Why do cars do that thing where instead of stopping,they slow down as you cross the street?

whether as a cyclist, or as a pedestrian, I find it really annoying.

Is it an intimidation tactict? hurry up or I’ll run you over?

if so, it’s a really dumb one.

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on the war on cars


I just read  wired’s 9 things drivers need to stop saying and to me it sounded  a lot like the things MRA say, and I’ve also heard them very often, except for the tax thing.

I’ve seen the comparison of cyclists and women more than once and it is very apt so I wanted to expand on it a bit, as a feminist and a cyclist.

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pedalear es felicidad

“Pedalear es felicidad”

Vi esta frase en twitter hace unas semanas, y no podría estar más de acuerdo.

Amo mi bici y andar en ella. Continue reading “pedalear es felicidad”

Things I love: riding at night

Earlier this week I’ve found myself riding as night falls, heading home but enjoying myself so much I’ve taken detours to ride just a little while longer. it has reminded me how much I love riding after dark.

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