Books I have been reading lately.

I’m really,really behind on my goodreads challenge. I’ve read a handful  books this year, not counting books I’ve re-read, comics and fanfic, which is most of what I’ve read.

I thought I’d do a quick review of what I have been reading, as to motivate myself and perhaps others.

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Captain Marvel wants YOU for the Carol Corps

(art by psychoandy at deviantart)

The Carol Corps are awesome,inclusive,welcoming, creative and
known across the universe for these qualities, inspiring new heroes like Kamala Khan inside Earth-616.

Captain Marvel wants YOU for the Carol Corps

Captain Marvel is ushering in a whole new generation of readers and I think that’s amazing.

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on the war on cars


I just read  wired’s 9 things drivers need to stop saying and to me it sounded  a lot like the things MRA say, and I’ve also heard them very often, except for the tax thing.

I’ve seen the comparison of cyclists and women more than once and it is very apt so I wanted to expand on it a bit, as a feminist and a cyclist.

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