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life lessons

Every hurt is a lesson… 

And over the  weekend I got a lot of lessons.

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What Fanworks Taught Me

the HP Alliance has a campaign supporting fanworks as fair use, and asked fans to collaborate with what we’ve learned through #fanworkstaughtme

I’ve been a fangirl for a very long time so the answer is a lot.

I made a video.

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Lessons from the west wing

sign your name

let bartlett be bartlett

teamwork (if you’re dumb,surround yourself with smart people. if you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you)


compromise (donna’s parent’s cats)

choose the right people who don’t hinder you or hold you back.

serve at the pleasure of the president (valar dohaeris)

be decisive

make stuff hapen

don’t be condescending

communication is important

work hard

making mistakes is not the end of the world


post hoc,ergo,propter hoc

accept challenges

dynamic people and partners

what’s next?

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