Rey Skywalker

Why I believe Rey is a skywalker.

Rey is,without a doubt, the heir. and even if she is not luke’s daughter, she is a skywalker, whether by blood or by choice.

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Movie review: “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them”

I enjoyed the movie.

like half the reason I went to see it was Eddie Redmayne, I must admit.
I’m a big fan of this dorky ginger boy.

I read the book of course, but there’s not much story there, and I intentionally did not look for much info on the movie.

so I expected to have fun, but other than that I wasn’t expecting much.
I was pleasantly surprised.

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Movie Review: In Your Eyes

Yesterday I saw “In your eyes” a movie from Bellwether Pictures, Joss Whedon’s new company.

I quite liked the movie. it was engaging. it made me put my phone down.

It’s a sweet paranormal romance based around the telepathic/sensory connection that opens between two strangers.  They have both lived troubled,lonely lives and find solace in each other

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