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Books I have been reading lately.

I’m really,really behind on my goodreads challenge. I’ve read a handful ¬†books this year, not counting books I’ve re-read, comics and fanfic, which is most of what I’ve read.

I thought I’d do a quick review of what I have been reading, as to motivate myself and perhaps others.

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Book Review: “Everything leads to you” by Nina LaCour


Everything leads to you by Nina LaCour

I spent most of sunday, while travelling, reading this book and I really enjoyed it.

It’s heartwarming and fluffy, almost rom-com-y but with a decent dose of reality and problems.

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Things I love: reading

I’ve always loved stories, and reading, even before I could do it myself I’d pester my parents to buy me new books and read to me.

I remember my mum trying to help my sister with some homework and I’d pick up the books, that had no pictures in them and I’d try to make sense of them. to understand the symbols I saw there.

a few months later, I learned to read and I never stopped. either reading or begging for new books.

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